Vitamin B12 - 10ml

Vitamin B12 - 10ml

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1 x Injectable Vitamin B12 Pack

Vitamin B12 has been well documented to increase energy levels, concentration, combat fatigue and possibly even combat hangovers! It can be used by both men & women and is increasingly a fashionable vitamin taken intravenously in many high end medical clinics!

Often a sign of low vitamin B12 is constant lethargy and difficulty sleeping/concentrating as well as low stamina – however it is becoming increasingly popular in the bodybuilding world for better feeling of well being, increasing oxygen in the blood and providing better red blood cell production. It can also improve metabolism – so aid weight loss and is an excellent boosts to the immune system. A common effect of Vitamin B12 injections after just 24 hours are better feelings of mood, energy and it has also been said to improve sleep. It has been reported to also help in the prevention of hair loss.

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